Friday, 29. September 2023

Work Profile of the Law Firm Heitmann Schubert Nickelsen in Bremen

The Law of transportation

The Law Firm Heitmann Schubert Nickelsen is a classical “niche”, i. e. a highly specialised Law Firm for the complete Law of transportation. The main areas of specialisation are the Law of carriage of goods by road, by air, by train, by inland waterways, the Law of freight forwarding and storage, the Law of logistics and the Law of carriage of goods by sea. Also, the Customs Law, the Insurance Law and the Private International Law belong to the legal main areas.


The Law Firm represents freight forwarders, carriers, transport insurers and liablity insurers, whereby the Assekuradeure and claims bureaus with their principal place of business in Bremen represent the core of our clients.


The Law Firm is providing legal services for their clients both in litigation and out-of-court by conducting both recourse claims and defences. By a national and especially international network of corresponding colleagues, the Law Firm Heitmann Schubert Nickelsen ensures the effective safeguarding of both legal and economic interests of their client.

Further, also the areas of Insurance Law, Contracts Law including General Conditions, Labour Law and the Law of administrative offences are covered.